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How A Farm Is Cracking The Issue Of Singapore's Food Security By Laying Plans For A Million Eggs A Day

On a single farm spanning an area the size of 50 football fields in rural Neo Tiew, conveyor belts do the job that human hands might once have in feeding and rearing chickens.

Featured on The Straits Times


Meeting The Government's Call To Strengthen Singapore's Food Security

Today, Chew’s Agriculture is producing 700,000 eggs per day, and is yet another example of how local farms are embracing new farming methods and advanced technologies to help Singapore achieve its “30 by 30” food security goal.

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Securing A City's Food Future

A case study: How Singapore’s leading egg producer uses EcoStruxure™ to boost operational resilience and improve business efficiency.

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Humane Hen Farming For The Future

With its recent certification from American non-profit organisation, Humane Farm Animal Care — and plans to construct a new farm with larger state-of-the-art cage-free facilities — Chew’s Agriculture is certainly hatching exciting new plans for the future.

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The First Certified Humane Egg Producer In Singapore

30 years later, Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd remains a family-owned and family-operated business and joined the Certified Humane® program to meet a growing consumer demand for products labeled with verifiable animal welfare claims.

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Chew's Rides On Growing Demand For Cage-Free Eggs

For Chew's, free-range does not mean turning to backyard farming but investing in automation to keep layers in conditions that meet animal welfare standards. 

Featured on Asian Poultry Magazine


High-Fashion Farming: Edvin Lim

A staunch supporter of environmentally friendly farming methods, he took over the management of Chew’s Agriculture, a humble chicken farm established in 1987, with one intention: transformation. “Even though 2020 was challenging for most, we managed to set up a brand-new, high-tech farm in Singapore,” he says.

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How Singapore's Chew's Agriculture Is On Track To Produce 1 Million Eggs A Day

Chew’s Agriculture, a farm in Lim Chu Kang spanning an area the size of 50 football fields, currently produces 800,000 or almost half of Singapore’s locally farmed eggs per day. It aims to increase production to one million eggs a day in the second half of 2023.

Featured on The Straits Times

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Feeding The Nation Sustainably

Singapore has set a target of producing 30 percent of the island nation’s nutritional needs by the year 2030, and Chew’s aspires to play a contributing part in this endeavour.  The company has scaled up its daily production to 800,000 eggs and has plans to increase its production further to reach a target of one million eggs daily in future.

Featured on ACES Awards - Asia's Leading SMEs 2022

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"Happy Hens" At This Luxury Chicken House

Chew's Agriculture is the only farm in the region with a cage-free system. Chew's has more than 20 chicken houses, two of which use a cage-free system, each raising 22,000 laying hens.

[Translated from original]

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"When You Face A Challenge, Tackle It Head On"

More than just a masterful leader, Chee Nam is an innovator in his own right, having designed a 4-tier chicken house system that helped produce over 300,000 eggs a day. Under his steadfast leadership, Chew's Agriculture has weathered the many shifts and evolutions of the farming industry, while always keeping an eye to the future. 

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Made in Singapore: Rearing Hens With A Human Touch

24 hours is all it takes for Chew’s eggs to complete its journey from farm to shelf. Learn more about one of Singapore’s largest egg farms from the keepers themselves, and discover the not-so-secret lives of the hens that reside there!

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Chew’s Agriculture signs Singapore’s first SME sustainability-linked loan with DBS

DBS today announced that Chew’s Agriculture, a leading egg producer in Singapore, has signed a 10-year, SGD 27 million sustainability-linked loan with the bank. This marks a milestone for sustainable development in Singapore – it is the nation’s first sustainability-linked loan for an SME.

Featured on DBS

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Implementing Higher Standards

Chew's Agriculture is one of the largest and most modern layer farms in Singapore. Their newly developed eco-conscious and climate-controlled poultry houses are capable of improving air quality and reducing risk of disease contamination.

Featured on SME100 Awards 2023

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