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Chew's Agriculture: Humane Hen Farming For The Future

If you love eggs, chances are that you’ve already tasted the produce from Chew’s Agriculture. With a history that stretches back over three decades, the company runs one of Singapore’s most trusted egg farms, supplying our city with over 180 million eggs a year.


Tan Chee Nam: When You Face A Challenge, Tackle It Head On

More than just a masterful leader, Chee Nam is an innovator in his own right, having designed a 4-tier chicken house system that helped produce over 300,000 eggs a day. Under his steadfast leadership, Chew's Agriculture has weathered the many shifts and evolutions of the farming industry, while always keeping an eye to the future. 


Chew’s Agriculture signs Singapore’s first SME sustainability-linked loan with DBS

DBS today announced that Chew’s Agriculture, a leading egg producer in Singapore, has signed a 10-year, SGD 27 million sustainability-linked loan with the bank. This marks a milestone for sustainable development in Singapore – it is the nation’s first sustainability-linked loan for an SME.


Meeting the Government’s Call to Strengthen Singapore’s Food Security – Edvin Lim, Director of Chew’s Agriculture

Director, 29-year-old Edvin Lim, who bought the farm from the Chew family 3 years ago, spoke with SAFEF about the farming practices at Chew’s Agriculture, and his commitment to providing the people of Singapore with access to fresh, nutritious, and eco-conscious eggs.


Chew's Agriculture: The First Certified Humane Egg Producer In Singapore

Humane Farm Animal Care is pleased to announce expansion to South East Asia and welcomes the first egg producer in Singapore to the Certified Humane® Raised and Handled Program. Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd began in Singapore as a family farm focused on various aspects of poultry and egg production. 


High-Fashion Farming: Edvin Lim

 A staunch supporter of environmentally friendly farming methods, he took over the management of Chew’s Agriculture, a humble chicken farm established in 1987, with one intention: transformation. “Even though 2020 was challenging for most, we managed to set up a brand-new, high-tech farm in Singapore,” he says.


Made in Singapore: Rearing Hens With A Human Touch

24 hours is all it takes for Chew’s eggs to complete its journey from farm to shelf. Learn more about one of Singapore’s largest egg farms from the keepers themselves, and discover the not-so-secret lives of the hens that reside there!
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