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Humane hen farming for the future

Welcome to Chew’s Agriculture If you love eggs, chances are that you’ve already tasted the produce from Chew’s Agriculture. With a history that stretches back over three decades, the company runs one of Singapore’s most trusted egg farms, supplying our city with over 180 million eggs a year.

With its recent certification from American non-profit organisation, Humane Farm Animal Care — and plans to construct a new farm with larger state-of-the-art cage-free facilities — Chew’s Agriculture is certainly hatching exciting new plans for the future.

Rearing hens with a human touch Company Director Edvin Lim and General Manager Tan Chee Nam bring you behind the scenes at Chew’s Agriculture.

The Louis Vuitton of egg farming

You’re probably already aware of designer handbags and bespoke apparel, but apparently eggs can be designed as well. “Feed nutrients are transmitted to the egg yolk from the hen, making it very important to think about what we feed to our fowls,” Chee Nam explains.

The proof is in the tasting — the farm’s Designer Eggs boast a 25% lower cholesterol content than regular eggs, as well as a range of additional nutrients like amino acid and Vitamin E.


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