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Meeting the Government's call to strengthen Singapore's food security – Edvin Lim, Director of Chew's Agriculture

Established by the Chew family in 1987, Chew’s Agriculture was born from humble beginnings. Back then, the Chew family had a chicken farm in a nearby kampong. They then decided to combine their land with their poultry farming expertise to create a commercial layer farm, supplying eggs to wholesalers.

Where to buy:

Buying fresh and nutritious eggs from Chew’s Agriculture is easy. Its eggs are sold at all major supermarkets and online retailers including RedMart, Amazon Prime Now, and Pandamart.

You can buy locally-farmed eggs from Chew’s Agriculture by simply visiting SAFEF’s e-SG Farmers’ Market on RedMart via this link:

  1. By being “the first to pioneer enriched designer eggs in Singapore” which contain additional nutrients like amino acid and Vitamin E,

  2. and now, “the first in South-East Asia to implement a cage-free system and obtain the Certified Humane label from American non-profit organisation, Humane Farm Animal Care”,

  3. Chew’s Agriculture is demonstrating its commitment to providing consumers with a wide variety of eggs to choose from.

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